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Mbug Raves

Abelton 8 Melbourne launch this Thursday 28th of May at Miss Libertines

Abelton is running an Australian tour to promote the launch of Abelton 8.  Have had a bit of a play around with it and looks pretty good though I haven't really used Abelton enough to really know.

I have been trying to work out the best way of going digital with my music for a couple of years now and so far I have been pretty set on serato.  I've tried CD jays for a couple of years but I really find it hard to get the same feeling as playing vinyl.

New mbugmusic site design and content.

If you have visited my site before you might have noticed a few changes recently.  I have done an extensive redesign of the site and the gigs page has been improved and reformated.  The site design is still not quite there yet but I felt that I had completed enough change to make it worth releasing.

Content wise recently I have added a whole bunch of new mixes to the DJ mixes page, as well as uploaded some photos of recent gigs Syncronicity X and the Overboard Boat Party.

Please let me know what you think of the changes and mixes by leaving comments ( comment link is at the end of every news item).

Thanks Rene

Reactable Music - Amazing DIY Fiducial Marker Paper Based MIDI Control Surface!

A mate of mine Chris Mylrea has just come up with a system to make techno electronic music using special paper shapes called fiducal markers, a video camera, some open source software called reacTIVision. He then wrote his own software to map the x/y movements from the video to MIDI!

Fake Book

Well I have finally caved in and signed-up for a facebook account. While to me facebook goes against everything the internet stands for (I may expand on this in the future) unfortunately it has come to a point where it has become the dominant communications medium for many of my friends.

With any luck googles Open Social api will take of and kill FB but in the meantime you can
find me on facebook

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