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Minimal Kidz Records - Techno Label Profile

A very good friend of mine Nick Dombain (Global Warning) has just launched his own record label Minimal Kidz with fellow producer Pablo Decoder.

Based in London and Berlin they have a heap of new releases planned for the next couple of months as well as running events in London and Berlin.

I have watched Nick's passion and dedication towards making music his life over the last five or six years from starting out with one old modular synthesiser then moving on to build his own studio and then moving it from Melbourne to London and now Berlin to get exposure and experience performing and producing music for an international audience.

Minimal Kidz Records will be showcasing the most cutting edge and exciting Techno, Minimal and Tec-house releases, a soundtrack for our technology driven society.

There debut Berlin Jukebox EP is available now from Beatport, Itunes and quality online music retailers. Its has a catchy but minimal aesthetic, a driving tec-house bass line and excellent vocal sampling reminiscent of early DJ Hell.     

As well as their upcoming eight planned releases before the end of the year, they will be running a series of unique underground parties, in Berlin, showcasing the Minimal Kidz sound and artists as well as upcoming festival gigs in 2010.

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